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22. A Study On English Special Expression Used By Receptionists And Housekeeping Staff In Tugu Hotel Of Malang


One of the “service industries” in the word is hotel. The most important function of a hotel is to provide services for its guests. All departments within the hotel offer services, including the receptionist and housekeeping staff. Concerning with the linguistics study on English special expressions in Tugu Hotel, as far as the writer knows, There are only a few researcher interested in. Therefore, the writer would like to present a linguistics study entitled “ A study on English Special expressions Used by receptionists and Housekeeping staff in Tugu Hotel of Malang, because in their daily communication, especially when services the foreigner both of the (departments) use English Special Expressions as a mean of communication. The problems of the study are: 1) what are the expressions used by receptionists and housekeeping staff? ; 2) What are the lexical and contextual meaning of the expressions used by receptionists and housekeeping staff?

To collect the data, the writer did the interview and observation. After collecting the data, the writer analyzes the data and classifying the data based on the problem which deal with the purposes of the study. Analyzing the data to get meaning and drawing the conclusions.

From the analysis, he concludes that English special expression used in receptionists and housekeeping staff can be used in various context and purposes. For example: in expressing check-in, welcoming guest, escorting guest to their room, explaining the facilities in the room, departing guest, morning call, and giving tourist information, are in different expression. Finally, the writer suggest, the readers that a study on the language of linguistics of English special expressions are very important used in receptionists and housekeeping staff, especially for any body who want to get job in the hotel, and also he suggest the readers can make other English special expression in other cases.
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