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55. A Comparative Study On Diction And Sentence Structure Between Spoken News Broadcast By Cnn International And Written News Articles Issued By Time


This final project is about a comparison of diction and sentence structure between spoken news represented in the program Your World Today broadcasted by CNN International and written news articles which is represented by three articles from TIME Magazine. The articles themselves contain the issues of Middle East covering from Iran uranium enrichment program, the war between Israel and Hizbollah in Lebanon, and ‘eternal’ conflict between Palestine supported by only several Arab countries and Israel supported by U.S. government.

Although the study is based on the style used in the articles, I only focusing my analysis on the diction and sentence structure. The analysis itself is separated into three major problems. First is how the style of the articles from TIME Magazine seen from its diction and sentence structure. The second problem is how the style of the articles from CNN seen also from the diction and sentence structure. The third one is the similarities and differences of styles in the articles from both media where the diction and sentence structure is also being the major consideration. The objective of the study is to get clear picture upon the style which is seen from the diction and sentence structure of the two media through comparison.

In doing the analysis I used stylistic approach which stresses on dominant – less dominant design. I used quantitative approach with five steps in order to gather the data, they are browsing, reading, quoting, classifying, counting, and reporting. Those five steps finally end up into the form of table and chart which will make it easier for me to translate the numbers into certain meaning. In this way I use the technique of qualitative analysis, where the data is transformed into meaningful sentences so that the diction and sentence structure is done.

The result of the study shows us that there are some similarities and differences between the two articles on the level of its diction and sentence structure of TIME Magazine and CNN International. From the aspect of sentence structure, it is shown that CNN is less complicated than those of TIME. This can be understood because CNN sending their message through audio visual, while TIME is sending their messages through visualization. The diction in the articles is still considerably formal, related to the subject matter, and using Standard English. There is a great whishes that there will be another study of style upon spoken and written language which is not only from the point of view of diction and sentence structure.

There is also expectation that the mass media consider a lot upon their message receivers- reader for the magazine and watcher and listener for the television. The attention of the researcher should not only on the main case of an article, such as the theme, but also paying attention upon the length of the articles which would be the raw data for the analysis.
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