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6. The Analysis On Indonesian Translated Collocations Of J.K Rowling’s Novel, “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”


1.1 Background of the study

As everybody knows, communication plays an important role in human life especially in this globalization era. Through communication, we make a social interaction system. In this case, the role of language as a medium of communication is certainly essential. Language as a mean of communication among individuals, societies or nations will be used to express ideas, feelings and opinions. Moreover, as the globalization era approaches, people throughout the world need to communicate with others to exchange information, to do business with another, to adsorb and develop science as well as to transfer technology. This phenomenon leads to the needs for an international language.

Translation will be very important thing to do if we get much information which is written in foreign language. Translation can open the information that early people knew nothing. Bell gives the definition of translation as the expression in another language (or target language) of what has been expressed in another, source language, preserving semantic and stylistic equivalences (1995:5). From the Bell’s definition about translation, we can conclude that the basic concept of translation is to find equivalents that preserve features of the original. But, still, we have to move to the further discussion about how a good translation should be. Actually, there are many definitions about translation. Reviewing from the definitions about translation, then, Tytler as cited by Bell, defines a good translation to be: ‘That in which the merit of the original work is so completely apprehended, and as strong as felt, by a native of the country to which that language belongs, as it is by those who speak the language of the original work’ (1995:11).

Otherwise, the facts shown that many translations are difficult to understand and not clearly described. They are caused by incorrectness of translation in understanding the source text or the misinterpretation and also giving extra word or elimination word that it should be at the source text. Translation is basically based on form but if we translate text, we do not only change the form but also transfer the meaning (Larson, 1984:11) adds that “an ideal translator should be good bilingual (mastering two languages; the source language and the receptor language)”. This may become one challenge to non native translators when they have to translate texts based on meaning rather than forms. Then the translators should translate the culture element approximately into the target language or it should be understandable translation. In addition, Simatupang (1999:13) also states that “an ideal translator should be not only bilingual but also bicultural as well”. This is considered crucial since the source language may contain a very different culture from the receptor language, therefore if the translator is a good bicultural, he/she can act as a bridge between two different culture and produce a good translation without lessening the meaning and emotional effect in the source language text. Those elements mentioned Larson and Simatupang are important so that the result of translation will be thoroughly understood by the readers, since a translator does not only transfer the meaning but also the culture into the target language as well.

Words (lexical units) as the element of language, in which translation deals with, have something that is individual that makes it different from any other words. But, we have to consider about what happens when words start combining with other words (lexical patterning) to form stretches of language. According to Baker, lexical patterning will be dealt with two main headings: collocation and idioms and fixed expression (1991:47). Firth cited by Stubbs (1996:176) stated that the basic concept of collocation is that collocation means the habitual co occurrence of two (or more) words. Firth gains this basic concept from his definition of collocation itself. His famous definition of collocation is ‘the company of word keeps’: ‘the habitual collocations in which words under study appear are quite simply the mere word accompaniment….collocations are actual words in habitual company’ (Stubbs 1996:173). From the basic concept of collocation, then, we can conclude that the term collocation is dealing with word in pair or phrase not words individually. Meanwhile, according to Palmer as cited by Baker, one thing that should be remembered is that meaning cannot always account for collocational patterning (1992:47). So that the difference in collocational patterning of source and target language create potential pitfalls and can pose various problems in translation.

The explanation above become the main interest for me to find out more on what strategies should be used in order to make good collocations translation out of the novel written by an English author. The novel entitled Harry Potter and
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