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70. Analysis On Blyton’s Novel “The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor”


1.1 Background of the Study

Satisfaction and happiness are important things in human’s life. Human are deserved to be loved and happy. They would do anything to achieve satisfaction and happiness. Satisfaction and happiness may come from many sources, such as; love, wealthy, friendship and respect, social status, or even position in such community. Respect is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people ( According to Macaulay “to respect is to have to; to have reference to; to relate to; as, the treaty particularly respects our commerce”. It can be meant that as respects, as regards; with regard to; as to.

Respect is precious thing in someone’s life. Respect is a kind of praise which someone needs to satisfy his life. Basically, need of respect is a basic thing in someone’s life. Someone will always need to be respected by others. Respect can be gotten from close people related with someone, in this context, is friend. Thus, someone will always gain friends since by having many good friends, someone would get more respect.

According to Anderson (1993) respect is generally regarded as having a behavioral component. In respecting an object, people often consider it to be making legitimate claims on our conduct as well as our thoughts and feelings. Here, respect involves refraining from certain treatment or acting only in particular ways in connection with it, ways that are regarded as deserved by, appropriate to, or owed to the object. And there are very many ways to respect things: keeping our distance from them, helping them, praising or honoring them, obeying or abiding by them, not violating or interfering with them, destroying them in some ways rather than letting them be destroyed in others, protecting or being careful with them, talking about them in ways that reflect their worth or status, mourning them, nurturing them.

Someone will be satisfied and happy if he has many friends. Friendship is also something precious and very important for someone’s life. Someone will always need friends in order to get companion and to help each other. Besides, having many friends also make someone’s life filled up and happy. Someone would do everything to gain friendship, the more friends he get, the happier his life is. As we know, human being is a social creature, who always needs someone else, needs make an interaction from each other, in order to make his life more valuable, more variable, and more colorful.

Friendship or relationship is one thing which someone will always be dealing with in his life. Simamora (1986: 168) says that persahabatan yang mencakup kepuasan kebutuhan emosional timbal-balik. It might be concluded that one might make a relationship with others which he can keep it for the needs of certain expectations. Besides Simamora (1986: 346) also talks about associational relationship, which is defined as hubungan-hubungan sosial yang dimasuki oleh para individu sebagai sarana mencapai tujuan. It can be concluded that human being will always be involved with social relationship with other people.

In this final project, the writer is interested in the novel of Enid Blyton entitled “The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor” by using psychological analysis in descriptive qualitative research. The novel offers the most precious things in someone’s life, which are friendship and respect. We can learn much about those things through reading this novel. Besides, the novel gives many moral values which can be learnt by the readers themselves. The novel usually gives such a kind of life experience, though, in this novel, the experience comes in one of the antagonist character, who attempts to do efforts in order to gain friendship and respect. This can be mean that friendship and respect are the very precious things in someone’s life, especially implicated in the character of the novel itself. Here in this final project, the writer tends to describe how this antagonist character attempts to gain respect and friendship among his friends in the school. In the novel “The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor”, the readers should have more time to read in order to understand the whole story or contents of the novel because they will not guess what would happen in the end of the story itself.

Literature is part of my major. As English Literature department student, I have attempted to conduct a research for the purpose of completing the final project to get my Sarjana Sastra degree. It provides me with the opportunity to study the social issues in someone’s life dealing with friendship and respect in the
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