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77. The Generalized And Particularized Implicature Found In Time Magazine Advertisement Slogans


One of human activities in using language is a trading activity which always related to business. Language takes an important role because a company will depend on language in giving information of its product to the consumers. One of the media in spreading the information is advertising. What people say or write sometimes have different meaning from what we may be expected. The act of conveying meaning beyond what is literally expressed is called Implicature. This final project is an analysis of how is generalized and particularized implicature used in the advertisement slogans in TIME magazine. Here, is discussing the different kinds of implicature used in the advertisement slogans. Generalized implicature is inferable without reference to a special context and based on the fact of the cooperative presumption, determinacy, and mutual knowledge conditions. Particularized implicature is derivable only in specific context and observing the maxim of relation or relevance in a specific context.

The method of analysis is using 200 advertisement slogans data from the term of 1st January 2001 up to 16th December 2002. And there are 80 advertisement slogans that could be analyzed. The analysis using the steps of exposing, explaining, interpreting, elaborating, summarizing, concluding, and reporting.

In this research, the writer uses quantitative and qualitative research in form of language expressions describe the content and use of generalized and particularized implicature in the advertisement slogans which are found in the magazine. The result of the analysis shows that there are 80 advertisement slogans reflecting the use of generalized and particularized implicature. From these types. particularized is the most commonly used in the advertisement slogans. This type takes 55% because there are 44 advertisement slogans reflect this kind of implicature. In addition, generalized only takes 45% compare with particularized because there are 36 advertisement slogans reflect this type. Their usage is quite in balance. The result shows that mostly the slogans used in TIME magazine are made in particularized implicature because they are derivable in a specific context and infer in a specific way from the cooperative principles using particular facts about the meaning and the context of sentence.

Therefore, it is suggested that English Department's students read this final project before they make an analysis which explores the other topics in pragmatics studies. Finally, Implicature is important in understanding the implied meaning beyond what is literally expressed.
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