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69. Register Analysis In Window On The World Senior High School Text Book


In this final Project, the writer analyzed register found in a senior high school textbook entitled Window on the World. The problem of this study is “How does the author provide the register in reading texts taken from the senior high school text book entitled “Window on the World”?.
The method applied in this final project is qualitative, since the data were in the form of words. The writer used references such as: books, internet, encyclopedia and the theory were used to support data in the analysis. The procedure of collecting the data is done randomly by taking four of reading texts to be analyzed. Each text is divided into clauses and then analyzed through three meaning processes: ideational, interpersonal and textual. The ideational meaning reflects the field of discourse, the interpersonal meaning reflects the tenor of discourse and the textual meaning reflects the mode of discourse.

In analyzing the field of discourse through ideational meaning, the writer found that the most common processes appear in the reading texts are material and relational processes. This indicates that most of the texts are explanations.

The texts explain about how and why things occur in sociocultural phenomena. While in analyzing the tenor of discourse through the selection of Moods, the writer found that declarative Moods are dominant in the texts.

The declarative moods indicate that the text aims at giving information. It reflects that the most tenor in the reading texts is between the explainer and the readers. From the analysis of mode, which expressed through the textual meaning, the writer found that unmarked themes are dominant in the reading texts are in the form of noun phrases. Thus the result of the study could develop the study of register so that it can add our knowledge in understanding the meaning of text especially a full of reading text.
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