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81. Technique For Teaching Speaking To Junior High School Students


This study is meant to describe different techniques for teaching speaking including techniques to give practice on producing single sentences to more complex utterances both in guided an free conversation.

The study about the techniques for teaching speaking is significant for both teachers and students. Teachers are informed about various ways to give practice to the students on speaking so that they will be competent speakers. In addition students will get benefits about the topics and they could practice by themselves.

In teaching English there are so many ways to make it easy for the students or learners to understand structure or grammar and vocabulary. But it is not easy to make the learners speak in English fluently and grammatically, especially in junior high school level.

There are so many techniques to make the students or learners speak out. Teacher should motivate them and encourage them with interesting activities, for example, students can improve their speaking by listening to music, watching movies, news programs, radio shows, etc. By those activities the students can learn how to pronounce the word information and try to speak it again and again so that the students can pronounce the word like a native speaker in order to make them speak fluently.

Technique test can be used in teaching speaking involving single Phrases or Sentences, Connected Material, Partly Guided, Role Play, problem-centered Communication, Speech, Discussion, and Debate.

The technique for teaching speaking is not as simple as teaching grammar, reading or writing because speaking needs more skills beside bravery and confidence and also hard desire to keep on practicing in every situation.

The objective of this study is to solve the students’ problems in developing speaking skills and build their confidence to communicate with other people naturally and to say some thing like a native speaker.
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