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99. Error Analysis Of The Students. Test Results On Personal Pronouns (A Case Study In First Year Of Mts Nurul Falaah Gunung Sindur, Bogor)


A. Background of Study

Languages have important roles in intellectual, emotional, and social life time of human life. People use language as stated by Hall; .Language is the institution where by human communicate and interact between each others by means of habitually used oral auditory arbitrary symbols..1 Language as a communication mean is necessary to be mastered: in the era of globalization the need of mastering foreign language, especially English as an international language, is very urgent for Indonesia as a developing country to communicate with others countries that use English language. It is clear that many leaner need to speak and interact with English multiplicity situation, as for foreign travel business or other professional reason.

Nowadays English becomes to essential language subject of education issues in Indonesia. Indonesia Government admits as the first foreign language that is taught to Indonesia student. They learn English from elementary school up to university.

Through English language subject, they hope to have ability and more confidence with English. As a matter of fact many young learners face difficulties to understanding English as their second language, which is different form their mother tongue : grammar structure, vocabulary etc. consequently, in learning English we have to learn its grammar or structure intensively.

The grammar of English is different from Indonesia grammar; for an example the usage of personal pronoun. In English there are many types of personal pronoun and they also have different position and function, as the first person in English used as a subject (I), object (me), possesive adjective (my), possesive pronoun (mine) and reflexive (myself). In Indonesia first person .saya. is used in any position in sentences and does not change, and it makes student confuse to use English grammar.
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