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A Study In English Varieties Used By Vendors In Banyumulek


A. Background
Language is one of the instrument of the human intellectual means of communication of is used to formulate thought and convey message to other. It plays an important role in analyzing human activity, in reasoning, solving problem, and planning actions; language also used to convey memories of the past and beliefs about the future to at also language other to event that have not taken place, and to express the relation between event (Caplan, 2001:1). People also use language in inform others task or give information, to get things done, to request, to ask or give direction, to comment to report, and many other ordinary verbal actions in daily interaction. So it impossible for us to understand other well without a language of without having language people will cripple in their family or social interaction. There is a lot of definition about language given by many experts. But in writing the writer just take some definition given by Financiaro (1974:3) they are:
1. Language is the means by which result of human thought an action are based on
2. Language is a system of rules by which items are stored in the mind and manipulated so as to form infinite items sets of communications
3. Language is learn behavior
4. Language is cultural product subject to lows and principle that are particularly unique to it and partially reflective of general properties of the human mind
5. Language is a system or arbitrary vocal symbol which permits all people in a given culture, or other people who have learned the system of that culture to communication or to interact
From the explanation above, it can concluded that language can express or covey ones emotional needs, thought, desires, and attitudes, control, and many other communicative, purposes. But only others through commutations as stated in wabsteris only can understand all of them. (Hawkins, m. Joyce oxford mini dictionary, 1191:287), the language is words and their use. System of this used by a national or group.
Communication is a process of mutual sharing or use of information collectively in connection with the received and the sender in an information process (Kincaid and scram, 1977: 6) dealing with the definition, communication as a process of delivering information have to be support by each component of communication (Sastro petro, 1972:22). States that there are their main component of communication namely.
1. Source is one who communicates or connect a massage to other
2. Receiver is one who receive a massage
3. Massage is a form of idea .opinion off exacta that is changed trough communication symbol and transmit or other receivers.
Moreover he elaborates that source or sender transmission is a massage to receiver and then the receiver turns into a source or sender and sends the massage again and so on. What does receiver called feed beck send. White feed back, the source or sender has a chance to evaluate whether the communication is successful or failed.
The success of failure of communication depends on how good on coveys his or her ideas to other. Successful communication occurs when speaker and listener reach a common understanding. For this happened, each participant must be able to applay his or her communicative skill effectively especially two fundamental communicative skill of listening and speaking if not communication break down will occur.
As stated previously, language is a medium of communication in fact; many other languages exist in the world. People speak different language in different palace. English spoken in America, England and Australian. While Japan spoken in japan, Spanish is Spanish, German in Germany, among these languages English spoken by great number of people in the world and to become an international language.
Considering the important role of English as an international language, mastering English, as median of c communication in international interaction is necessary because the number of people who speak English has growing rapidly. This condition creates English variety may be established because of their influence of local and culture condition. Local condition
According stated halide (in by Richard, 1974) is grammar belong to standard for the people where is spoken as a second language (richard, 194). It quite different from the countries where English learn to the local condition, but it follows an overseas English to which it referred to a model.
To be able to communacate with the native speaker, local; peope who speak english as a second or a first language have to a quire the standard s from the language any varieties may exist as long as the standard English is understandable. Because the most basic language varieties of social language is used in ordinary conversation. In the sense what we learn in order to interact with throughout our life (freeborn all, 1986). It is the general condition that dialect or variety from is characterized by structural and morphological implication. Generally, certain non standard varieties of English may be viewed as inter language pattern of social interaction (Richard, 1974:76)
Banyumulek village is one of the handicraft villages, where local people make the many things with the clay, secured clay is the most important material needed in Banyumulek village.
Many goods can be produced in Banyumulek village. Those goods are not for local need only, but also for tourism souvenir. That’s why nowadays Banyumulek village is becoming the most important destination of the tours in Lombok.
To be able to know the varieties of English is speech, we should identify the difference accurate and use Standard English as the form. The are some features of the language that device our English into standard of varieties, such as: a. our vocabulary; b. grammar, that is the form of word, taken and how the words are ordered into standard or statement in sentence, and c. pronunciation is speech (freeborn, 1986).
Based of the above features, Banyumulek village, the vendors seem to use some varieties of English in their speech with the tourist where they tend to speak a vendor non-standard apparently.
There is some factor which influence their varieties of English in their speech, such as: education background, situation in the communication take place, and the order.
We will not discuss all of the factors involved, because of the limitation of time, access, ability, and many others reason.

B. Statement Of The Problem
The aim of this research is to overview the general problem that is found in this research. The writer needs so set out the problem that considers appears in this research, such as:
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