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46 Women Opression As Seen In The Ambivalent Attitudes Of The Yoruba Society In Wole Soyinka`S The Death And King`S Horseman.
45 Willy Wonka`s narcissistic personality in Roald Dahl`s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
44 Tita`S Resistance Against Patriarchal Practices In Laura Esquivel`S Like Water For Chocolate.
43 The Translation Of Romantic Elements In Nicholas Sparks`S A Walk To Remember A Case Study On The Influence Of Translator`S Gender.
42 The Rise Of Gay Politics In The AIDS Epidemic Of 1980S In New York In Larry Kramer`S The Normal Heart. 
41 The Messages Revealed Through Kelsea`S Conflicts To Be A True Queen In Erika Johansen`S The Queen Of The Tearling.
40 The Messages Revaled Through Thomas` Conflict In James Dashner`S The Maze Runner
39 The Messages Of Humanity Revealed Through Eliot`S View On Humanity As Seen In Kurt Vonnegut, JR`S God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, Or Pearls Before Swine
38 The Importance Of Sara Kimoto In Tsukuru Tazaki`S Personality Development As Seen In Haruki Murakami`S Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Pilgrimage.
37 The Impact Of Oppressions Toward Women Seen Through Two Women Characters In Khaled Hosseini`S A Thousand Splendid Suns.
36 The Causal Factors Of Otoko`S Homosexuality As Seen In Yasunari Kawabata`S Beauty And Sadness
35 Sullivan Harding`S Denial On The Afterlife As Seen In Mitch Albom`S The First Phone Call From Heaven.
34 Sexual Assault As Gender And Class Oppression In E.L. James` Fifty Shades Of Grey.
33 Self-Determination To Fight Oppressions As Seen In The Main Character Ofthe Color Purple By Alice Walker. 
32 Revealing The Idea Of Class Struggle Through Figurative Language And Allusions In Kahlil Gibran`S ``We And You``.
31 Phrase Ambiguity In The Jakarta Post Reader`S Forum Section On Forest Fire Haze In Indonesia.
30 Personality development of George and Emily in Thornton Wilder`s our town.
29 Personality Change Of The Main Character, Tom Leyton, As Influenced By The Minor Character, Joseph Davidson, In Michael Gerard Bauera`S The Running Man.
28 Noun Phrases Of Jace Wayland`S Utterances In Mortal Instruments  City Of Bones.
27 Modality Analysis In Melania Trump`S And Ivanka Trump`S Campaign Speeches In Republican National Convention
26 Mispronunciation Of English Final Alveolar-Alveolar And Velar-Alveolar Consonant Clusters By The Students Of SMA Santa Maria
25 Mia Hall`S Decision Making Process In Her Comatose State In Gayle Forman`S If I Stay A Psychoanalytical Study.
24 Love And Belongingness As Mrs. Lovett`S Motive To Hide Lucy`S Identity Seen In Hugh Wheeler`S Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.
23 Jean-Baptiste Grenouille`S Alienation Symptoms In Patrick Suskind`S Perfume Story Of A Murderer.
22 Ideologies Revealed Through Metaphorical Expressions In Ayatollah Ali Khamenei`S July 18th 2015 Translated Speech Related To Nuclear Deal Agreement.
21 Identity Crisis Resulting From The Conflicts Of Tribal Tradition And American Tradition In Alice Walker`S Possessing The Secret Of Joy.
20 Foreignization And Domestication Of Culture-Related Terms In Paulo Coelho`S English Version Of Adultery Into Indonesian Version Of Selingkuh
19 Clay`S Struggle For Identity Against Racial Stereotyping In Amiri Baraka`S Dutchman.
18 Addition And Omission In The The English-Bahasa Indonesia The Adventures Of Tintin The Secret Of The Unicorn Movie Texts
17 A Morphological Analysis Of The Suffix
16Upaya Peningkatan Keefektifan Dan Efisiensi Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Pada Siswa
15The Use Of Brochures And Pamphlets In Teaching Speaking A Case Study At Second Year Student’s Of...
14The Influence The Of Main Characters’ Conflicts Toward Plot In Oscar Wilde’s
13The Influence Of The Ability In Mastering Dialogue On The Achievement In Learning English To The...
12Teaching Reading Comprehension Using Communicative Approach Through Songs And Games To The Eigth
11Student’s Learning Achievement With Traditional Assessment And Portfolio Assessment
10Kurangnya perbendaharaan kosa kata siswa dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris
9Effects Of Pre Questioning On The Reading Comprehension Achievement Of The Second Grade Students
8Effectivity Of Contextual Instruction With Cooperative Approach In Increasing The Students Conversation Ability Of Mts Di Pi At The First Class In Nh Academic Year
7Analisis Makna Implisit Pada Novel Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Karya J. K. Rowling D
6An Error Analysis On The Use Of Simple Present Tense Among The Ninth Year Students Of Smpn 3
5An Error Analysis On The Use Of Simple Past Tense Among The Ninth Year Students Of Smpn 3 Pare
4An Analysis Of The Main Character’s Hatred Depicted In Sandra Brown’s Novel Where There’s Smoke
3A Study On Teaching English Using Games To The Eleventh Year Students Of Smk Brawijaya Kepung...
2A Study In English Varieties Used By Vendors In Banyumulek
1A Comparative Study Between English And Indonesia Adverbs



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