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26. The Perceptions Of Free-Sex Of The People As Reflected In Roger’s American Pie 2


This is an analysis of a film. It aims at analyzing the perceptions of free-sex of the people in American Pie 2 by J. B Roger. The data of the study are all in the forms of words, phrases and written dialogues stated by the characters in the film. The data of this study are collected by doing the following steps: reading the script and watching the film for several times, identifying the data related to the topic, inventorizing the data, classifying the data, selecting the data, and at last reporting the data into appendices. There are several techniques to analyze the data, they are: exposing, explaining and interpreting, and concluding. The interpretation and explanation are done by the point of view of Reader-Responses theory.

The result of this study shows that the people in American Pie 2 mostly legalize free-sex. Even so, there are some people who, in fact, disagree to such a concept, they are: Nathalie’s mom and dad. They may not be religious, but they doubt the effectiveness of modern value which, so far, has influenced the religious value.

Based on the analysis of this study, the writer can conclude that the perceptions of free-sex of the people in American Pie 2 are various. They are: free-sex as a lifestyle, free-sex as a symbol of pride, free-sex as a part of commitment, free-sex as a symbol of individuality, free-sex as a life education, free-sex as a symbol of individuality and the last, free-sex as an indication of Americans’ ambiguity. The writer can suggest that despite the nonexistence of certain rules forbidding free-sex in America, the people shall have learned more about such rules based on their religion teachings to find out whether free-sex is allowable or not. The people shall have realized of the bad effects of free-sex. Moreover, they shall have put some limitations in themselves to avoid committing sex outside marriage.
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