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45. Code-Switching In Cool Jockey’s Utterances In RCT FM Semarang


1.1 Background of the Study

Nowadays, communication development shows significant improvement. Many
electronic media offer various alternatives to communicate with others. Nonetheless, language remains to hold an important role in interacting with others. Language also forms reflection of their culture and trend. This phenomenon is studied in linguistics and this is in accordance with what Hughes says, “Linguistics is a set of science which is got from application of science method to the language phenomena” (1968:11).

Chaer and Agustina (1995:2) add that as communication and interaction tools
which are only owned by human, language is studied in internal and external section. Internal section, among other things, are the phonology structure, morphology structure, and syntaxes structure but external section includes subjects or factors outside language but going together with the use of that language by the speaker in social groups.

Indonesia has one national language. Indonesian and all kinds of vernaculars
according to its origin districts. Besides that, Indonesians also use International language (English) under certain condition. Young people like to switch their language into English. This can be influenced by social, register, education, trend, environment or some important purposes. Thus, they speak two languages in one speech, which is called bilingualism.

Bilingualism cannot be separated from code-switching because both of them
use two different languages. Code-switching forms a branch study of sociolinguistics besides bilingualism, diglosia, code-mixing, interference, etc. It is called codeswitching

when somebody speaks one language and than he or she switches into
another language in the middle of his or her utterances. Usually we speak with two languages and mix them spontaneously but it still contains certain purposes. That every word that has been spoken own certain meaning is the reason why they switch their language. The main goal of codeswitching is to convey messages or information from speaker to listener directly and to make good communication between them.

One ways of communication is trough electronic media. Although it is not a
sort of direct (face-to-face) interaction, electronic media may give many other advantages, such as higher speed of sending message by hand phones, giving more information to many people by television, or possibility of interaction with foreign countries by the Internet (2Dimension). Besides that, a familiar and widespread communication device is radio. In Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, it is stated that “Radio is a process of sending and receiving messages, etc through the air by electrical waves” (1995:340).

A message can be accepted by a listener nicely if the communication runs
well from the speaker, the media, and also the listener himself. This also happens in radio broadcasting where the communication is composed of three components, i.e. announcer, radio as a medium, and listeners. All of them make a good communication although there is almost no direct feedback from listeners especially when an announcer only speaks without having interactive live phone call with listeners.

When announcers speak during broadcasting they often use more than one language to express their idea, feeling, or opinion of something and also to interact with listeners in interactive talk by phone. They are bilingual by switching their language into another language almost in every broadcasting. In most private radio stations like RCT FM Semarang, whose target is young people, announcers usually switch Indonesian into foreign language, which is usually English. It is done because of factors, which serve as the background of their switching act, and it has some
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