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71. Social Bias Of Modern Society In Pretty Woman Film


1.1.Background of The Study

Human being is a social creature. Meanwhile, social problems are phenomena having various dimensions that might be encountered in daily life. In social life, we frequently meet people with the attitude they desire falsely assessed by others. On the other hand, social events, often posses numerous interpretations caused by a range of possibility; the existence of misinterpretation, different definition, deviated or incorrect attitude towards the true self identity. The existence of a large amount of judgment and attitudes in social behaviors, however, commonly raise a bias, either the bias in understanding, judging, and bias in perception.

According to Kartono (2007:4), social problems are in essence also structural function of entire social system, i.e. in the form of undesired products or consequences of a socio-cultural system. The alternative formulation to equip the meaning of “social problems” is the term “social disorganization” that always begins with an analysis about changes and the organic process.

Social bias not only exists in real life but also emerges in literary works. They are portrayed in literary works in one of anther elements called character. The people who enjoy literary works can notice the social problem. The various personalities on every character in literary works can be referred to as a form the J. F. Lawton studied flimmaking at Cal State Long Beach and then he wrote a number of screenplays, one of them is Three Thousand, it was selected by the prestigious Sundance Institute for their screenwriting workshop.

Three Thousand was later purchased by Disney Studios and the title changed to Pretty Woman. The film was directed by Garry Marshall and starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. It became the largest grossing live action film in Disney history with over $400 million in world wide box office. Lawton was nominated for a Writer’s Guide of America Award and a British Academy
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