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73. The Expressions Of The Main Characters’ Love In Thomas Hardy’s Novel The Return Of The Native (Psychological Approach)


The novel is one of various modern literary works. By reading it, people can get much understanding about human characters and emotions including joy and love. One of human’s characters and emotions that can be learned in a novel is the expression of love. Love is the most complex and important thing of all human emotions. Besides, by reading a novel we can learn so many aspects of life like moral, and social relationship. As a part of literature, a novel gives us knowledge which are rich in psychological aspects. It can be seen from its symbols, plot, and characters.

This final project is a literary analysis of Thomas Hardy’s novel The Return of the Native. The objectives of the study are to describe the expressions of love in the novel that are reflected by the main characters: Diggory Venn, Thomasin, Clym Yeobright, Eustacia, Wildeve, and Mrs. Yeobright and the moral values behind the expressions of the main characters’ love.

The investigation used in this study is a qualitative method while library and other references are used here to get the data. The data are focused on sentences and dialogues from the novel which can represent the expressions of the main characters’ love and the moral values of the novel. The procedures of collecting data are: reading, identifying, inventorying, classifying, selecting, and reporting.

The responding of the main characters in Thomas Hardy’s novel The Return of the Native in facing their loves are also shown in different ways. They give wide variety of love expressions such as symbols, directs, indirects, acts, falling in love, and descriptions’s expression. Love is one of the important aspects which needed in our life. For the sake of love, people do anything including sacrificing his love as done by Clym Yeobright is willing to sacrifice his love to his mother by living her and lives together with Eustacia.

From the literature point of view, I hope that the readers will be able to take some benefit from it. Besides, they will be able to increase their understanding about expression of love and moral values by reading this final project.
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