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101. Mastery On Demonstrative Pronoun By Second Grade Students Of Islamic Junior High School Darul Hijrah Putra


A. Rationale

Language is undeniably vital for human being to communicate. According to Finocchiaro “language is a system of arbitrary, vocal symbols, which permits all people in a given culture or other people who have learned the system of that culture, to communicate or interact”.1 One of many problems in teaching English at Islamic Junior High School nowadays is to find out the appropriate, suitable method, approach and technique for students who have mother tongue is not English. The differences that exist between the two languages are complicated issues to face. We have to know the three definitions in order easily to apply what kind of suitable or more suitable ways in teaching learning process.

In this globalization era, language socially influences people life, including English language. It is because English is a medium to make relation in business, science, and education also.

Language is favor from Allah the Almighty, for slave need to apply their life as Allah said in the holy Quran: In Indonesia, English a compulsory subject, which is taught to the students from elementary school until university, include junior and senior high school. Determination of the way of teaching will be much more influential. An approach is a set of correlation assumptions dealing with the nature of the language teaching learning. A method is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material. Technique is implementation – that which actually takes place in classroom. Technique must be consistent a method and therefore in harmony with an approach as well. Within one approach there can be many methods.

English is given to student in order to support that they will be the people who are clever, and ready to take a part in the development of nation. In learning English, students’ interest, students’ learning habit, facility, teacher’s skill, and teacher education background are important factors that can influence to the students to master English.

English is a foreign language which has four skills that should be developed and mastered by English of foreign language learners. i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.

One of many of the most important part of speech in English is pronoun. and one of kinds of pronoun that usually in use is demonstrative pronoun. Position of
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