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108. The Correlation Between Students. Achievement In Vocabulary And Reading Ability (Case Study At The Second Year Students Of Man Ii Bekasi


A. Background of Study

English is an international language. Almost all countries have adapted English used as a compulsory subject at schools. The national education has decided that English as a foreign language taught in Indonesian schools. It learned started from primary schools up to university. People realize that teaching English at this level becomes very important and need much concern. As an English teacher, he or she demands to explore effective techniques, method, and approaches.

The students have to master the four basic language skills. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Beside such basic skill, the student has to master some vocabularies as well as possible.

Vocabulary is one important aspect in learning a foreign language. With a limited vocabulary anyone will also has a limited understanding in terms of speaking, reading, listening, and writing. It is true that it might be impossible to learn a language without mastering vocabulary. Vocabulary is one of the problems confronted by English language learners. Because of the limited vocabulary, the learners cannot communicate to others clearly. Sometimes it is difficult to group the idea transmitted to them. The acquisition of a large number of vocabularies can help the students read, speak, listen, and write. A good vocabulary and ability to use words correctly and effectively can help the students make school work easier and more rewarding, and also many tests that they take in school include vocabulary questions. The more vocabularies they know the better their chance to do well on an English test.

According to H. G. Tarigan, .Kualitas keterampilan berbahasa seseorang jelas tergantung pada kuantitas dan kualitas yang dimilikinya maka semakin besar kosakata yang kita miliki maka semakin besar pula kemungkinan kita terampil berbahasa..1 (The quality of language skill depends on the quantity and quality of vocabulary. The more vocabulary we have, the bigger possibility to have a skill to use the language).

Mastering vocabulary is the ability to get or to receive a lot of words. By having and mastering vocabulary we will know the meaning of vocabulary in the context. Measuring vocabulary helps to avoid making mistakes in understanding. On the other hand, foreign students learning English reading text, one lack of vocabulary, whereas in fact vocabulary is the most important thing in reading skill.

Nowadays, the ability to comprehend English is necessary for peoplean also to understanding English, people have to able to communicate English and also able to read many kinds of English text. The ability to read is crucial in contemporary society. People find many texts written in English, from holiday
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