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21. The Teacher’s Techniques Of Basic Questionings In English Classroom Activity (A Study Of The English Teachers Of The State Senior High School


A good teacher is not only a teacher with well mastery in English material but also how he/ she as a teacher can conduct the teaching and learning process well. He /she can transform his/her ideas properly and makes a good communication with the students in order to make the classroom situation alive. One of the ways is by using the techniques of basic questionings offered by Turney.

The writer conducted a research in the first grade of The State Senior High School 1 Subah Batang in academic year 2008/2009 to find out the kind of teacher’s techniques of basic questionings during the teaching and learning process and the advantages of using them. To reach those objectives, she used a qualitative approach.

She gathered the data by observing six meetings of two observed English teachers in the classroom activities (three meeting for each). She collected the data by voice recording, field notes, interview and giving questionnaire. Those kinds of instruments enable the researcher to record many teachers’ and students’ talks happening in the classroom, identify and also classify the teacher’s techniques of basic questionings and the advantages of using them.

Based on the observation, the observed teachers employed structuring 10.16%, phrasing and focusing 15.04%, distributing 8.94 %, redirecting 8.94%, pausing 23.58%, teacher reacting 25.20%, prompting 6.91%, changing the level of cognitive demand 2.44%.

Based on the interview and questionnaire, she found out the advantages of using the techniques basic questionings in teaching and learning process, such as: making the classroom activities active, attracting the student’s attention, making the students more understand about the lesson, making the students able to think more, building the students’ self confidence, encouraging the students to say or do ignoring whether their answers are correct or incorrect, managing the class well, making the students well-prepared.

From the result of this study, the researcher gives suggestions to the English teachers, they should use various techniques of basic questioning during teaching and learning activities in the classroom to encourage the students to be more active in learning process and to have idea of the students achievement in their learning process.
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