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34. Elicitation Technique Used By Teacher To Encourage Students Talk


This final project attempts to examine the elicitation techniques used by teachers to encourage students talk. The main purpose of the study was to describe elicitation techniques used by the teachers and the responses displayed by the students.

The participants of this study were two English teachers in SMA N 3 Semarang in the academic year 2008/2009. There are seven English teachers, but I only observed two of them. The teachers were observed in their teaching and learning process. Teachers and students’ utterances were recorded, transcribed and then analyzed. The analysis of the data were based on Coulthard (1975) and Slatery and Willis (2001).

The results of the study indicate that the lessons were well organized. The teachers presented them in systematic way. They used various kinds of activities so that the students did not feel bored. The interaction between the teachers and the students was good. The teachers’ question and students’ answer run smoothly.

The teachers succeeded in maintaining the relationship with the students. The sequence of questions could direct the students to the final conclusion about the topic they learnt. In the first, third, and fourth observation, the teacher mostly used elicit inform in the form of wh-questions. In the second observation, the teacher mostly used elicit inform in the form of question using inversion. From the overall observations, the types of students’ responses were in the form of acknowledgment, affirmative clauses, denial and some extension answers. It depends on the type of teachers’ questions.

The two teachers showed that they have different preference in using the types of elicitation. The similarity was that both of them intended to get students’ answer. These findings suggest that elicitation techniques used by teacher succeeded in encouraging students talk. English teachers should be creative in delivering questions. Teachers can use combination of elicitations which then will affect students’ responses.
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