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40. The Use Of Short Story “Jaka Tarub” In Teaching Pronunciation Of English Vowel Sounds


That English is very important to learn, it is taught to the Junior high School students as a local content subject in Indonesia. The teaching of English covers four language components. They are structure, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. Teaching pronunciation to the junior high school students is not an easy task for teacher. Most of junior high school students face difficulties in English pronunciation, included vowel sounds is one of media that can be used in teaching word pronunciation. By using this method, the writer hopes the students will find it easier to understand and pronounce vowel sounds in words correctly.

The purpose of this study is to describe the effctiveness of using Short story “Jaka Tarub” in teaching words pronunciation to the Eighth grade Students of SMPN 15 Semarang and to describe the differences of words pronunciation achievement between the students who have been taught using Short story “Jaka Tarub” and those who have been taught not using Short story “Jaka Tarub” among the eighth grade Students of SMPN 15 Semarang.

In order to achieve the objective of the study, the writer used experimental research. The population of the study was the eighth grade Students of SMPN 15 Semarang. The number of students was 40, 20 students were chosen as the experimental group and 20 as the control group. The experimental group was taught using short story “Jaka Tarub” and the control group was not using Short story “Jaka Tarub”. Before the experiment was conducted, there was a try out test. Then the writer conducted the pre-test and treatment. The result of pre-test in experimental group is 73.00 and the result in control group is 67.67. And at the end of the experiment the writer gave post-test. The result of the analysis showed that the mean score of the experimental group is 81.33 , while the mean score of the control group was 72.00.

It means that the use of Short story “Jaka Tarub” of vowel sounds is more effective than not use Short story of “Jaka Tarub” in teaching words pronunciation. The t-value obtained was higher than the critical value. It means that the students’ achievement in learning word pronunciation taught using Short story “Jaka Tarub”.

In line with the result, the writer suggests that English teacher should be able to create their own way to amuse their students’ interst in following English classes.
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