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52. The Use Of Animation Movies For Developing Students’ Writing Skill Of Narrative Texts A Case Study Of Teaching English At Eleventh Grade


English is an international language, which is spoken in international events and is used as the medium of transferring information flow on science, technology, and culture as well. As a matter of fact, students should be able to perform language skill such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. But for the students, writing is the most difficult subject. That is why the curriculum 2004 of Senior High School emphasizes more on developing students’ writing skill. In this final project the writer wants to know how well the eleventh grade students of SMA N 10 Semarang master the language skills, especially the ability of writing a narrative text.

There are two basic problems that the writer wants to discuss, they are; what are the students’ difficulties in understanding narrative as one of text types and to what extent teaching writing of a narrative text using a film Brother Bear, can improve students’ writing skill especially those of the eleventh grade students of SMA Negeri10 Semarang in the academic year of 2006/2007. Since teaching writing of a narrative text by using Brother Bear, a film can help students develop their writing skill, the writer gave them more exercises on writing narrative texts of a film.

The objectives of the study are; to know what the students’ difficulties in understanding a narrative text and to know to what extent teaching writing of a narrative text can improve students’ writing skill.

The research will give some useful information about a narrative text and teaching writing by using a film Brother Bear. It will be more interesting for the students to produce a narrative text by listening the dialogue of the film. The techniques of collecting data were by using tests. An interview was also done to know students’ difficulties in producing a narrative text faced by the students.

The result of the tests shows that the students’ scores in the writing draft I were 64, 3%. It means that the test was not successful. On the other hand, in the writing of the revision II, the students’ achievement reached 72, 9%. It means that the test was successful.
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