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62. Teaching English Vocabulary Using Quartet Cards Game The Case Of Fourth Graders Sdn Kebondowo 2 Ambarawa


Teaching English in Elementary School is a good start to continue learning English for further level. The role of English teacher in Elementary School is very important. He or she has to introduce the new language which is different from students’ mother tongue by giving clear explanation about the meaning of the new language including how to use it and how to construct sentences in a correct grammatical form for communication.

This final project is focused on teaching English vocabulary Quartet Card Game considering that vocabulary constitutes the knowledge of meaning, which is one of the components of language. Therefore, it is aimed at investigating one main issue: Is there significant difference of vocabulary mastery achieved by the students who have been taught using Quartet cards game from those taught using traditional method?

This is quantitative case study. In this experiment, an objective test was used as the instrument for collecting the data. The test was used to obtain the cores of vocabulary mastery. Samples were taken randomly. The validity of the data was established by the use of product moment. Whereas the reliability of the test was conducted by the use of the K – R.20 formula.

The results of the analysis showed that the experimental group gets better scores than the control group. It can be seen by comparing their means. The mean score of the experimental group is 3.54 while the mean of the control group is 2.08. It is clear that the mean of the experimental group is higher than the control group. The difference between the two means is 3.54 – 2.06 = 1.46. The result of applying the t-test also reveals that the experimental group obtained better scores than the control group. The obtained value (3.68) is higher than the table value (1.71). It means that there is significant difference of grades in vocabulary test achieved by students who have been taught using Quartet Cards Game from those taught using conventional method.

It is recommended that the teachers can use Quartet Card game as one of the alternative techniques to improve vocabulary mastery because there are some advantages found in it. Quartet Card Game is interesting and enjoyable that makes the students have high motivation in learning English, especially English vocabulary.
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