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70. The Use Of English Comics To Improve Students’ Ability In Story Retelling (The Case Of 8th Year Students Of SMPN 1 Bojong Pekalongan


This study was conducted under the considerations that eight year
students of SMP need media in teaching-learning process. One of them is English comics in teaching story retelling.

In this final project, the objectives of the study was to find out whether there is any significant difference in the improvement of students’ mastery in story retelling using comics and without using comics and to identify the effectiveness of English comics as a medium of teaching story retelling.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the writer conducted an experimental quantitative research. The experiment was held through pretestposttest equivalent group design. The population of the study was the Eight Year Students of SMP N 1 Bojong, Pekalongan. The total number of sample in this study was 40 students. The data were collected through speaking test and questionnaire.

In solving the problems, the writer carried out an experimental study using statistical method called t-test. The writer used two groups: experiment group and control group. In the control group the writer used written text story, while in the experiment group, the writer used English comics.

The computation result of t-test was 4.616. the critical value of t was 2.02 for α = 5% and df = 38. Because t value was higher than the critical valueof t (4.616>2.02), it could be concluded that there was significant difference in the achievement between the students who were taught using comics and students who were taught without comics. From the polygon frequency, it could be concluded that English comics was an effectivective medium of teaching story retelling.

Referring to the experience in conducting thios research, the writer offer suggestion to the teacher to improve the students' ability in story retelling in order to get better result. The use of comics should be maintained frequently and recommended to English teachers, especially to teach Junior High School students in order to attract their motivation in learning English to be more fun.
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