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72. Teaching Procedure Written Text Of Cooking Recipe Using Sequence Pictures


The topic of this study is “ Teaching Procedure Written Text of Cooking Recipe Using Sequence Pictures” (the case study of seventh degree of Junior High School students of SMPN 1 Pecangaan, Jepara Regency.).

The study only focuses on teaching writing a procedure text by using pictures in sequence as the media. This study aims at finding out the answer of the two research questions:
1) How are the pictures in sequence used as media of teaching the procedure text?
2) Is there -any significant improvement with the students' ability of writing the procedure text by using pictures in sequence?

An action research was design to gather the data and I also give students questionnaires to support the data. I used some writing test to gather the data. It can be shown by the differences of the average of the score in every test. The mean of the students’ test result of the pre-test was 64.4467, the cycle one result was 68.56 and the post-test was 83.1333. It can be inferred that pictures were effective helping students in writing procedure text.

Hopefully, the result of the research can be used as consideration for teacher to make improvement and betterment of the teaching writing in the school.

Referring to my experiences in conducting the study, I offered several pedagogical implications. The first is that the teacher needs interesting teaching media to attract the students’ attention and enable them in internalizing the material given so that the teacher s span about the material is longer. The second is that it is advised that teachers not skip one or more of the teaching cycle (BKOF, MOT, JCOT, and ICOT) especially in teaching language for learners at the beginning level. Furthermore, it is also important that teachers use time allotted effectively, so that the students can practice a lot and get more exercise without ignoring other materials.
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