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91. The Correlation Between Students’ Activity In Watching English Tv Programs And Student’s Vocabulary Mastery


This study is about the correlation between the students’ activity in watching English TV programs and their vocabulary mastery. Since it is still doubted whether or not there is a significant correlation between the students’ activity in watching English TV program and their vocabulary mastery, the writer conducted a research to obtain the answers to those questions.

The population of this research is forty from the fourth semester students of the English Department of Semarang State University who were randomly selected by using a method of Moser Graham called lottery method.

The writer stated the null hypothesis of the research as follows: “There is a significant correlation between the students’ activity in watching English TV programs and their vocabulary mastery”.

The obtained values from the analyses of the test result, the correlation is 0.668 and the critical value of the Pearson with the 5 % significance level is 0.312, it can be concluded that the working hypothesis is accepted. Furthermore, the value obtained from computing the data to answer the question of the research shows that the significant coefficient correlation or t is 5.53. That are greater than critical value of t distribution in the table with the 5 % significance level was obtained the value 2.02, so it can be concluded that the hypothesis is accepted because t or 5.53 is not between –2.02 and 2.02.

Based on the result, the writer concludes that the students’ activity in watching English TV programs gives a useful contribution for them to enlarge vocabulary.

Therefore, the writer would like to offer suggestions to the English students that they should increase their frequency in watching English TV programs in their spare time. Besides that she suggest that they should give a more attention to the context in learning vocabulary because it plays an important role in determining an appropriate meaning.
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