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98. Hyperbolic Expressions As Revealing Sense Of Depression In Song Lyrics Of Evanescences Album Fallen


As one kind of literary works, songs give the listeners fun or amusement. Besides, songs give the listeners lessons which are valuable for their lives because songs tell human experience as its primary concern. Evanescence’s songs album Fallen, there are examples of the songs expressing experience which is generally experienced by human beings; that is facing and solving the conflict.

In constructing the final project, I focused the research on the whole songs that related hyperbolic expressions and sense of depression in the Fallen album. I took them because, after listening the songs and reading the texts I found many stanzas that contained sense of depression in hyperbolic expressions. The data were gathered from the text of the songs. In order that I could easily understand the meaning of the songs, I started listening and reading them to discover their hyperbolic expressions in Evanescence’s Songs lyrics mean as revealing sense of depression, theme of songs, and contribution of hyperbolic expressions in building the theme of the album. I also used psychology approaches to analyze the songs. I arranged some other sufficient data by doing library activities. I selected some books related to the subject matter to support my effort in conducting the analysis.

Based on the analysis there were twenty six stanzas that contained hyperbole, and ten stanzas that contain sense of depression in hyperbole. Each song in this album has various meanings but some of them have similar meaning to each other. Although, each song in this album has various and different meanings, but it has similar themes and reveal sense of depression through hyperbolic expressions to strengthen the meanings of songs. Hyperbolic expressions in each song of the album have many meanings. The songs in this album reveal, we can see that depression is one of common psychological symptoms that someone experiences when he/she feels desperate. Sometimes depression can lead one to more severe symptoms such as getting insane or frustration; while, on the other hand, it usually brings one to a delusive state where he/she yearns for the presence of God.

Hyperbole is an exaggeration used for the special effect or impression it will create. And depression is a normal response to many life’s stresses. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods.

The general theme of this album is about the existence of God. God can do everything for us, if we do not give up, always struggle, and survive in our life.
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