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110. Transformational Processes of Deletion Found in the Debate Transcript of Barrack Obama and John McCain


Language is the key of civilization in this world. Human beings use the language to explore and sharpen their knowledge. It can be in the form of either written or oral text. This study is focused on analyzing transformational processes of deletion found in the debate transcript of Barrack Obama and john McCain by using syntax theory. Debate Transcript of Barrack Obama and John McCain is the debate which consists of four topics.

In analyzing the sentences, the researcher uses the theory of transformational grammar. He adopts the theory of transformational processes of deletion by Jacob and Rosenbaum theory by examining deep structure and surface structure. Based on the background of study, the study is intended to present the description of the kinds of deletion used in the debate transcript of Barrack Obama and John McCain and the way both candidates of the USA president use each kind of deletion.
This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative method, because the data of this study are in the forms of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences of the debate transcripts of Barrack Obama and John McCain. To get the data, the researcher used the following steps. First, he obtained the data from internet. Then, he read the data again and again until he understood the content of debate transcript and knew the kinds and the way each kind of deletion used in the debate transcript of both candidates of the USA president. Next, the researcher arranged the data systematically in accordance with the research problems. To analyze the data, he presented the data, interpreted the data and drew the conclusion. The results of this study show that there are five kinds of deletion used namely; the transformational processes of noun phrase deletion occur twice. The transformational processes of imperative deletion occur twenty six times. Then, the transformational processes of deletion under identity occur five times. The transformational processes of noun phrase deletion and linking verb deletion appears seven times. In addition, the transformational processes of verb phrase deletion and noun phrase deletion occurs once. In all transformational processes, the deletion imperative deletion is dominantly used.

Furthermore, Based on the data obtained the researcher also found that each kind of transformational deletion is done appropriately in accordance with the context.
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