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116. Discourse Markers Used By James Bond As The Main Character Of Casino Royale


This study is concerned with a particular type of discourse markers. Discourse marker is a word or phrase that marks a boundary in a discourse, typically as part of a dialogue. According to Schiffrin, discourse markers are as sequentially dependent elements that group units of talk. Discourse markers have function in relation to enduring talk and text. In other word, discourse markers could be considered as a set of linguistic expressions comprised of members of word classes as varied as conjunctions such as “and”, “but”, or interjections such as “oh”, adverbs “now”, and “then”, and lexicalized phrases as like “you know” and “I mean. In other word, the important thing of the analysis on discourse markers is to know how speakers and hearers jointly integrate forms, meaning, and actions to make overall sense out of what is said. Then, Schiffrin also added that discourse marker is a linguistic device in which speakers use it to indicate how the approaching unit of speech or text relates to the current discourse situation. According to the research problem; how the discourse markers are used by James Bond as the main character of “Casino Royale” movie?; So the objective of this study to find out the discourse markers utterances used by James Bond in “Casino Royale” movie and is meant to describe comprehensively and to identify the meaning of the whole discourse markers that was used by James Bond as the main character in “Casino Royale” movie The finding of this study, finds discourse markers which are used by James Bond’s in dialogues Casino Royale Movie. In terms of discourse markers, Bond uses first marker of ”oh” is Marker of Information Management as exclamation or interjection it indicates strong emotional states. Second marker of “well” is Marker of Response as preface utterances which is reject and disagree with the content the foregoing discourse. Third marker of “and” is Discourse Connectives Bond used it to coordinate ideas and to continue a speaker’s action in spoken language. Fourth Marker of “so” is Markers of Cause and results Bond used it to conveys a meaning of result. Fifth marker of “then” is Temporal Adverb Bond used it to make a relationship between the time at which a proposition is assumed to be true. Sixth marker of “you know” is Markers of information. About Marker “you know” Bond used it to encourage addresses to think about the comprehensibility of what has just bee utter.
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