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121. Women’s Rebellion against the Patriarchal System in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening


The Awakening novel is a reflection of women condition in Victorian Era in which women’s awareness and rebellion to the male authority described. In The Awakening, Edna Pontellier is portrayed as a woman who aware to her sexual desire and dare to do some actions which are so contradictory to the male authority that has dominated the world or usually we called as the patriarchal system.

Concerning to the topic which raise in The Awakening that is Edna’s rebellion against the patriarchal system, the researcher is curious to know what are the motives behind Edna’s rebellion, the rebellions the she has done and the effects of the rebellions on Edna’s life. Therefore for the purpose, this thesis is conducted to find out those questions. Hence, the discussion will find out the reason behind the main female character’s rebellion toward the traditional rules that the society holds and the way Edna faces her oppressive marriage.
This analysis used descriptive method with feminism approach, because it is to describe the rebellion of the main female character against the patriarchal system in The Awakening. In addition, the data are taken from Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

After conducting the research it is discovered that Edna has been depressed with her marriage because of her husband’s superiority that treats her as an inferior and worthless creature. Refusing to be treated like that, Edna struggles hard to fight the patriarchal system for the hope of freedom and liberty as a woman by changing her own character from a submissive and weak creature to be someone with a strong and independent nature. Her rebellions that reflect the element of feminist proves that she is determinant and persistent with her goals that she gradually gains something. In conclusion, Edna wants to prove to the society that a woman does not deserve to be treated unfairly just because of the biological differences between the two sexes. As a woman, Edna is as equal as man and therefore can have the equality in all aspects, including in the marriage.
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