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91. Flouting and Hedging Maxims


Language is a wonderful and rich vehicle for communication. It is used to convey wishes and commands, to tell truths and lies, to influence the hearer, to vent person’s emotion, and to formulate ideas which could probably never arise if we had no language. Moreover, people use language to communicate with other persons. To communicate means to transfer ideas from one person to the others. If people do not have a tool to communicate, every people’s activities and interactions would be stagnant.

There are two kinds of language, spoken language and written language. In expressing or delivering ideas,flouting and hedging maxims may intentionally or unintentionally be employed in both spoken and written language since they are crucially important in communication. Hedges help speakers and writers communicate more precisely the degree of accuracy and truth in assessments. This research is focused on flouting and hedging maxims in “Ratatouille” Film. The researcher uses a descriptive qualitative research because the researcher strives to analyze and discusses the sentences or utterances which performs flouting and hedging maxims in “Ratatouille” Film. The researcher uses Grice’s theory in analyzing flouting and hedging in that film. In the data analysis, the researcher did some processes of analysis, they are: (1) categorizing the data based onflouting and hedging maximsin terms of sentence an utterance, (2) analyzing and interpreting the data, and (3) making conclusion from the analysis. The result of this study shows that flouting and hedging maxims in “Ratatoille” filmis classified into four kindsof flouting and hedging maxims which cover flouting and hedging maxim of quantity, flouting and hedging maxim of quality, flouting and hedging maxim of relevance, and flouting and hedging maxim of manner. Besides, the reseacher found the flouting and hedging maxims in tautolgy, methaphor, overstatement, and rethorical question.

Finally, after finishing this research, the researcher hopes that this research can give contribution to the researcher himself, to the readers, and to the further researcherswho conduct the same research. It is suggestedto the next researchers to study more complete research, especially in the same field.
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