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134. Hesitation in Weekly English Program of Pondok Pesantren Mathlabul Ulum Jambu Lenteng Sumenep Madura


In our daily communication, whether we are aware or not, we always make some hesitations when we are talking. Hesitation is another term for pausing, generally means period of silences during speaking almost occur in spoken language. Speaking as a sentence production is often accompanied by hesitation (Taylor:1990).

The purpose of this research is to get understanding and detailed explanation about hesitation produced by the students of Pondok Pesantren Mathlabul Ulum Jambu Lenteng Sumenep Madura. This research gives deep information about hesitation, helps the speaker or the listener in understanding the utterances by using hesitation. This research is a descriptive qualitative. The data are in the forms of utterances produced by the students of Pondok Pesantren Mathlabul Ulum Jambu Lenteng Sumenep Madura. The data are collected from weekly English speaking programs. Student’s conversations are recorded and are acompanied by some notes. In order to make the data manageable, the researcher makes a script of the record. The data are analyzed by categorizing to the types of hesitation, describing, discussing and interpreting the data. After that, the whole data are discussed and continued by making conclusion. The data analysis revealed some findings covering the formulated research question. It is found that the speaker uses some kinds of hesitation in their conversation. Meanwhile, the speakers produce hesitation by some reasons, such as preparing for the next utterance, forget and try to remember the vocabulary, and non-verbal activities. Furthermore, there are five types of hesitation found in student’s conversation of Pondok Pesantren Mathlabul Ulum Jambu Lenteng Sumenep Madura, namely false start, restart, repeats, pauses and word lengthening. But mostly, the students used unfilled pause in their utterances. Based on the findings mentioned above, it is suggested to the next researchers to fill the gap on analyzing hesitation in the natural conversation or pure spontaneous conversational interaction such as in job interview.
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