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138. Gratitude Strategy Used by the Characters of Charlie Bartlett Movie


This research analyzes sentence structures. This analysis is used to make it easier to know the headline’s purpose and its content through the function of each word by employing syntactical analysis. Indeed, the use of sentence structure will give us deeper understanding in specific branch of linguistics and give clarification to the linguistic organization of the headlines and the function of those languages in those headlines can help the readers in solving their problem. Francis (1958: 292) divides the syntactic structures into four principal groups based on their structural meaning. They are Structure of modification, Structure of predication, Structure of complementation, and Structure of coordination.

Related to the phenomena above, this research aims to answer the question “how syntactic structures are used in headlines of FourFourTwo Magazine Website”. This research is done by using descriptive qualitative research. The data source of this research is headline of FourFourTwo magazine website because the language used in the headlines of FourFourTwo magazine website is interesting and there are many football idioms or term that the researcher believes uncommonly used in daily communication. The data of this study are headlines in the form of written text which discuss about world cup 2010 in South Africa. It was collected from 11 June to 11 July 2010.

Having analyzed the data, the writer finally found four kinds of syntactic structures. Through the findings and discussion, the researcher found that the sentence structure in headlines of FourFourTwo magazine website consists of combination of predication and modification; complementation and modification; predication-complementation-modification. However, the researcher found the sentence that consists of four syntactic structures. They are predication-complementation-coordination-modification. In contrast, there are also several sentences that only consist of structure of modification. In addition, the most frequently syntactic structure used in headlines is combination of structure of predication-complementation and modification.

The researcher hopes that this research can give contribution to the readers, especially the students who are interested in the use of sentence structure. Furthermore, because this research analyzes headlines which talk about football, it is expected to give the readers new information about the syntactical structure of uncommon terms used by the people.
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