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140. The Structure of Sentence Used in Headlines of FourFourTwo Magazine Website


This research analyzes on the implicature based on the Grice’s theory of implicature. Implicature is a technical term in the linguistic branch of pragmatics coined by Paul Grice. It is anything that is inferred from an utterance but what is not a condition for the truth of the utterance. This research focused on implicature used in the Devil Wears Prada film. The reason why the area needs to be investigated because the characters often express their utterances in an implied way and of course there are number of utterances that have implicit meaning. Based on this background, the research about implicature was conducted with the following problems: (1) What kinds of implicature are found in the Devil Wears Prada film? (2) How is implicature used in the Devil Wears Prada?. The aim of this research is to discover the type of implicature that is found in the Devil Wears Prada Film and also to understand how the implicature are expressed in the Devil Wears Prada Film. After finding and understanding the implicature expressed in the film, the writer decided and identified the types of implicatures that mostly expressed by the speaker in the film. The method which is used in this research is a descriptive qualitative method because the data is in the form of words or utterances rather than number. In addition, the data describe descriptively based on the Grice’s theory of implicature. This method was chosen since the accurate result from analyzing the data should be gained. The writer found implicatures used in “the Devil Wears Prada” film, they are generalized and particularized conversational implicature. In this film most of speakers used particularized conversational implicature. In this film, speakers produce generalized conversational implicatures when no special knowledge in the context to calculate the additional conveyed meaning, it means that the participants in communication should obey the cooperative principle and the four maxim and speakers used particularized conversational implicatures when they flout and violate maxims of cooperative principle because when they violate these maxims intentionally, they must observe the cooperative principle on deeper level or the hearers have difficulty to understand their attention. Doing this research, the writer finally understands what is implicature and its type. He also understands the reason of the speakers produce implied meanings in their conversations. In the last, the writer gives the suggestion to the next researchers who interested in doing research in the same area they must make it be more complete analysis and look for the other unique conversation in the other situation to give a new one of implicature style.
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