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154. Emma Bovary’s Suicide in Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary


Suicide is a case which commonly happens in our society. However, many people do not understand deeply about suicide. There is a concept or theory which explains about suicide deeply. Main character in novel Madame Bovary is an object which is used by the researcher to explain deeply about study. Emma Bovary choose to commit suicide in than to defend her life.

Concerning to the topic which is drawn through the theme in this novel, the researcher is curious to know more about suicide. The researcher tries to find what are the factors, the type and how main character experiences the process of suicide. Therefore, the purpose from this thesis is aimed to answer those questions. Hence, the discussion will find out the reason behind the main female character’s process and factor why she commits suicide.

This research use descriptive method by using psychological approach and the specification is socio psychology. Both psychological criticism and socio psychology is used to analyze the main female character in facing her life, her psychological situation and in experiencing the process of suicide. In addition, the data are taken from Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.

After conducting this research, can be found a conclusion Emma chooses commit suicide as a way to solve her problem and as a release for being failed in getting happiness. Some factors causing Emma commit suicide comes from her adulteries and economic problem. Her bad relationship with her husband also has big role which courage Emma Bovary commits suicide.
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