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158. Isabel’s Struggle against Hypocrisy in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure


Hypocrisy is a bad act. It is the way of people pretend to be a good and kind person, but actually, they hide something. The hypocrites have their own ways to conceal their falsehood. In society, some people fulfil their satisfaction sometimes they do hypocrisy. In this research, the researcher finds that some people do hypocrisy in order to get their own benefit. Almost all the hypocrites in the drama are the ones who have high rank in the society. They pretend to be a good person but actually they do not like that, just because they want to get something. They do everything to reach their goal, even in a bad way. This research uses literary criticism to analyze Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. It is aimed at finding the way of Isabel as the main character to fight against hypocrisy showed in the drama. Therefore, the researcher used feminist literary criticism to analyze this drama. Her struggle to defend her virginity, and the way she rescue her brother from a death sentence, show that she keeps struggle to get her own right as women and human in the society. Moreover in her era, women are weak and become man’s domination. However, Isabel’s struggle shows that she could do more to fight for her right.

In this study, the researcher applies feminist literary criticism to analyze the drama. Feminist literary criticism is the way to criticize the literary work that present the women as the subject of male domination, subordinated in all aspects of life, and usually call as patriarchal culture. Isabel lives in the patriarchal society, where man dominates women in all aspect of life. Thus, radical feminism became an appropriate theory to analyze this drama. Because, radical feminism opposes existing political and social organization in general and it is close to patriarchy. Therefore, according to the researcher her struggles to keep her virginity from the leader of Vienna become one of the interesting themes in the drama. The data are taken from Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Based on the analysis, the researcher finds that almost all people who have power in government are hypocrites. They do all ways to get their own satisfaction. They pretend to be good people in one side and a wicked in other side. The researcher finds that hypocrisy is revealed in the drama by two ways, the first is by the characters in the drama who are hypocrites, and the second is by the social context in the drama that revealed sexual harassment done by the hypocrites. Then the researcher also finds how Isabel tries to struggle against hypocrisy into two ways, the first way is her struggle against hypocrisy by negotiation to Angelo. The second way is her struggle against hypocrisy by the cooperation between her, Vincentio, and Mariana. Then finally, Isabel struggle ends in happy conclusion, where she could defend her virginity and rescue her brother’s life from a death sentence.
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