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174. Religious conflict between french catholic and protestant


Religious conflict is the one of the most crucial problems in the world history; It reveals in any forms of human’s trouble caused the different or anything in the sake of God’s name. Moreover, the series of wars conducted by European Christians during 11th-14th centuries in order to free the holy land from Muslim’s rule and in the holy wars in the middle age; it consist of many phases of fight over Christian, one of them is happened in the early of 16th century, and Christopher Marlowe tries to cover the whole history on the drama, The Massacre at Paris, with the Death of the Duke of Guise.

Thus, this study is aimed to know how the religious conflict happened, what the causes and effects of it and the last, how the drama reflect the religious conflict in the real condition of French in the late Middle Ages. Then, to achieve the problem of the study, the researcher use sociological literary criticism as one method of this research. Moreover, the data of this research are collected from Christopher Marlowe's The Massacre at Paris, with the Death of the Duke of Guise. The researcher herself becomes the research instrument in the process of data collection and data analysis.

Based on the problem of the study, the result—finding and analysis of this research is divided into two main parts generally. First is the form of religious conflict which appeared as social conflict. Then, second is the causes and effects of religious conflict, the researcher found that most of the reasons of the conflict are the religious interest and the political interest of France. The data told that in another reasons of the conflict is caused by the interest of Catholic to keep the control and the power of the people and the Kingdom of France, therefore, political interest of the power and domination being a source of the conflict in France. Finally, there are many aspects in the real condition of France does not appear in the drama; they are about the wave of the wars—there are seven waves of wars, and about four waves of wars in France that covered in the drama; the story just tell about the war happened in two King; Charles IX, Henry III and Navarre, Henry IV. The other aspect the story is told by Englishman (Christopher Marlowe), the story of the war is scene from the man perspective. It indicates how the background of the author affects the work itself. It means that the story of France was told based on the Englishman view point. It certain extents influent the story based on the fact condition of the France religious conflict at that time
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