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175. Linguistics Disorder of Stuttered Character in the Movie “A Fish Called Wanda”


This research analyzes about the language disorder of stuttered character in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. The language disorder is a neurological disorder that affects the brain ability to receive process, store and respond to information both in written and spoken. Stuttered people get difficulties in spoken language. It influences their daily communication. One word has very significant meaning for the stutter people which we never realize it. This phenomenon happens in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. To conduct this study the researcher uses descriptive qualitative method.

This research describes and explains the type of language disorder and the context when the language disorder occurs. To obtain the manageable and systematic data, the researcher himself becomes the primary instrument by watching the movie to get deep understanding, analyzing, and classifying the data. Then the data are presented and analyzed by using language disorder theory proposed by David Carroll.

Based on the finding of this research, the language disorder which happens in Ken’s speaking can be divided into two types. The first type is fluency disorder. It is characterized by repetition and prolongation. Repetition occurs in some units of speech namely sentence, phrase, word, syllable, and sound. Prolongation occurs in some units of part of speech, namely subject, verb, object, preposition, and complement. Repetition occurs more than prolongation. The second type is voice disorder. Voice disorder is characterized by respiratory support, and quality of breath.

Finally, after finishing this research, the researcher hopes that this research can give contribution to the readers, teachers, psycholinguistics learners, and to further researchers who conduct the same research. The researcher suggest to all people who communicate with stuttered people to make a good condition in their communication in order to make the stuttered people do not get a worse stutter in their speaking.
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