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177. Lexical Meanings Used in Five Speeches of the Most Influential Speeches in Twentieth Century


This study was focused on analyzing lexical meanings used in five speeches the most influential speeches in twentieth century by Charles Mosley. The researcher chose five speeches of the most influential speeches in twentieth century as the data sources. It is chosen because the language of these speeches is wonderful so that they can persuade and influence people in a certain country. This study was further conducted with the following problems: 1. What lexical meanings are used in the most influential speeches in twentieth century? 2. How are lexical meanings used in the most influential speeches in twentieth century? This research was conducted by using qualitative method. To answer the point of utterances used by the speaker that is by describing what and how the lexical meanings used by the speaker. After the data have been obtained, the researcher took several steps to analyze the data. First, the researcher categorized data into five categories in accordance with the number of the speeches uses as the data sources. The data of each category were presented, analyzed and concluded. After the data of the whole categories had already been presented, analyzed and concluded, he made tentative conclusion. After consulting with the informants, the researcher made final conclusion. The data analyses showed some findings based on the formulated research problems. The lexical meanings used by the speaker of the most influential speeches in twentieth century are connotation and several kinds of figures of speech such as hyperbole, metaphor, personification, simile, repetition, and oxymoron. All of lexical meanings above were used to give and evoke beautiful effect to the viewers. The researcher also gave the meaning of each lexical meaning in order to understand the content of the utterances. Based on the finding of study stated above, the researcher suggests that the readers have to pay more attention in understanding lexical meanings in a speech especially in the most influential speeches in twentieth century. It is because he or she will get wrong interpretation if he or she does not pay attention in understanding the meaning of a certain word. Furthermore, the researcher also suggests that the future researcher conducts the similar theme of the study with more completed data and discussion. It is because the more completed data and discussion can produce new findings that are not found in the present study.
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