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181. Code switching used by AFI 3 commentators in the concerts of afi 3 on Indosiar


Language has an important role for the commentators of AFI 3 in giving commenting after the performances of academia on the stage. The purpose of giving comment cannot be reached without language. The commentators of AFI 3 on INDOSIAR used not only monolingual but also multilingual to reach the goal of giving comment. They use multilingual because the academia of AFI 3 singing contest come from different areas that have different languages. They switch from one language to another to make all of the academia understand the comments that are explained after they sing.

Based on the background above, the problems of this study are: 1. What are the code switching used by the AFI 3 commentators in the concerts of AFI 3 on INDOSIAR? 2. How are the characteristics of the code switching used by the AFI 3 commentators in the concerts of AFI 3 on INDOSIAR? The method of this study is descriptive qualitative. The data are taken from the utterances of the AFI 3 on INDOSIAR commentators in giving comment. For gathering the data, the researcher records the utterances used by them when the concerts held. The result shows that there are five kinds of code switching used by the commentators of AFI 3 on INDOSIAR. They are situational code switching, internal code switching, metaphorical code switching, external code switching and inter-sentential code switching. The commentators switch the code because of many reasons. They are topic switch, and showing anger. They do not switch the code because of socializing function and linguistic insecurity. The writer suggests to future researchers to have research deeply on code switching. Finally the researcher hopes this research can give an beneficial contribution to the students, especially for whom would like to have a research about code switching in other aspects.
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