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32. Menjadi Gay Konstruksi Diri Dan Interaksi Sosial


This research analyzes about self defining of gays in social interactions, would it be among gays or with society who has different sexual orientation. The approach which this research uses is symbolic interactionism by George H. Mead and using dramaturgy concept by Erving Goffman. Furthermore, the methodology of this research is qualitative with narrative research method. Purposive sampling and snowball sampling are used as the informant determination technique. The data were mustered by observation and interview to six gay informants. The result shows that there are stages of becoming a gay, those are children stage, teen stage, and adult stage. The most important of those stages is the adult stage as they determine their self identities of becoming gays. The social factors that affect to some individuals in becoming a gay are family factor and social factor. In their interaction among society, gays tend to play a role in term of performance. Family and social environments as the observer are the front stage side, while gay partners, friends where they show the original characters as gays are the back stage. Front stage becomes the place where they show themselves as heterosexuals, while back stage is a private place where observers do not know the activity or the role played by gays. The purpose of the role in the front stage is to conceal their true identities and to avoid verbal discriminations. Dramaturgy is not necessary when they are among their group. They are not interested to join a gay community, but they tend to make peer groups.

Key words: gay, homosexuality, dramaturgy, social interaction, identity
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