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22. Implementasi Program Pendidikan Gratis Di Kecamatan Bontomatene

The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation of Free Education Program in the District Bontomatene Selayar Islands District, Community Perception of Free Education, and the factors that affect the implementation of free education program in the sub-district Bontomatene Selayar island.
Research the type used is deskriktif with basic survey research. Techniques of data collection using observation, namely the collection of data by conducting direct observation with the object under study, questionnaires, and interviews where researchers conduct a question and answer directly to the respondent or informant in connection with the problem studied and supported by primary data and secondary data. As the population in this study is the principal / teacher in charge of elementary and junior high schools in District Bontomatene Selayar Islands District and parents of students / pupils, by the withdrawal of the sample using purposive sampling techniques, and results of the data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitative.
The results showed that, based on the experience and knowledge of parents / students and educators, not all of those who think if free education implemented in 2006 and is still a lot of parents / students who do not really know about the free education. Of the 14 components that are made free to the regulation of free education, all respondents both educators and parents of students / pupils think if all 14 components are 100% free / no charges. The average child's development is not increased, the average value of children increases, performance increases are obtained, and graduation rates also increased. Communication factor has not been too support the implementation of this program due to lack of socialization by implementing education to the public about the intent and purpose and scope of free education, resource factors strongly support the implementation of this program for free education funding increases each year, as well as adequate resources so educators. Disposition of executive education also supports the implementation of this program because of its more enthusiastic educators in guiding pupils / students, due to the financial incentives provided to them, in improving the quality of the learners, the educators also give extra lessons to students / pupils outside school hours. Bureaucratic structure factor also supports the implementation of this program, it can be seen as a team to control the formation of free education in charge of controlling and overseeing the implementation of free education. Disbursement of funds and accuracy of free education is also easy and timely so it is not too complicated bureaucratic structures and complex, especially in terms of the implementation of free education program.
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