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44. Tita`S Resistance Against Patriarchal Practices In Laura Esquivel`S Like Water For Chocolate.

Patriarchy is a set of system where men dominate women. The patriarchal value is believed as the product of men’s authority and it has been strongly rooted inside men’s and women’s mind. Some women are unconsciously preserving and inheriting the patriarchal value toward their daughters; some women try to get their freedom by fighting against the limitation caused by the patriarchal practice. This thesis discusses how women try to fight against the limitation from patriarchal practices as seen through the main character in Laura Esquivel’s Like Water For Chocolate.
The researcher formulates three questions to be able to come up with the analysis to gain the conclusion. The first question is about the characterization of the main character who is Tita. The second question deals with the patriarchal practices which Tita experienced. The last question discusses Tita’s resistance to fight against the patriarchal practices she experienced.
This thesis applies the theory of character and characterization, theory of gender roles, theory of feminism, and two historical backgrounds. Meanwhile, the approach used in this thesis is feminist criticism. The researcher uses library method to gain the data. Those data consist of primary and secondary data. The primary datum is the novel Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, while the secondary data are taken from essays, journals, dictionary, internet, and some other books.
The result of this thesis shows that as a daughter Tita is obedient and patient, while as a woman Tita is skillful and caring. Later, she changes into rebellious, decisive, independent, and expressive. She experienced some patriarchal practices such as family tradition, rules of women’s attitude, and the division of gender roles. She resists against those practices through passive aggression such as questioning the family tradition and deciding not to go back home, and through direct action such as making some protests to her mother and standing for her niece’s freedom.
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