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183. The Influence Of Society In The Main Character’s Self-Identity As An Indian Immigrant Reflected In The Namesake Novel By Jhumpa Lahiri

This  study  analyzed  an  Indian-immigrant‟s  self-identity   development. Self-identity is a person‟s conception and expression of their individually of group affiliations. Identity becomes important for humans because it can provide clarity in reviewing their role and their position in the society where they live and their relations  to  others.  This  final  project  was  aimed  at  analyzing how  society influenced   the   main   character‟s  self-identity   development   reflected   in  The Namesake  novel by Jhumpa Lahiri. The objective of the study is answering  the statement of problem: first, find out how the the society influences the main character‟s self-identity as an Indian immigrant as reflected in Lahiri‟s The Namesake; second, to describe how the main character‟s self-identity develops as portrayed in Lahiri‟s The Namesake.
I used Jhumpa  Lahiri‟s  novel  The Namesake  as the object of this study. This study was a descriptive qualitatve study with psychology of literature as the approach. It was because the data of the study are in the form of words, phrases, sentences,  narrations, and dialogues. The data were gained by reading the novel thoroughly, identifying, inventroying, and clasifying; then the analysis was done by selecting and explaining.
There were several  findings as the investigation  result.  First, the identity crisis on the main character  happened after he made his interaction  with society that  had a  different  culture  to his own  culture.  This was because  the different comprehensions  about identities between him, his family  culture, India, and the dominant  culture  environment,  America.  Finally,  he changed  his given name to another  name  that  showed  his changed  self-identity  at a whole.  This changing name represented a change of culture that he chose. Second, after various conflicts regarding  names and cultural identity that he chose,  he knew that changing  his identity because of the different societies‟ influences  did not solve his problem. He realized that move dinamically would help him to live easier in two different cultures.

Key words: Name, Cultural Identity, Self Identity, Immigran, Society
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