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187. Pampered Children As The Effect Of Parental Neglect Portrayed In The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett

This research used individual psychology approach to analyze parental neglect and its effects as reflected in the novel. There are two research methods used in this study, they are library research and descriptive qualitative research. By using library research method, the writer found the previous studies related to The Secret Garden and by using descriptive qualitative research, the writer found the supporting data to answer the research questions. The results indicate that there are child maltreatments and neglects by the parents towards  the children represented in the novel The Secret Garden. The parents in the novel were careless their children development. They refused to nurture the children; as a result children were handed by their servants. There are several aspects of parental neglect occur in the story such as physical, education and emotional neglect. This condition gives an effect toward the children‘s characters and psychology. Furthermore, the neglecting lifestyle lead to pamper characters of the children, which was they accustomed to own everything due to the servants never refuse everything they want and people around them were not tell them about what was right and wrong. As a result, these neglected children have problems. This   problem include behaviour problem, emotional problem, social problem, mental problem, physical problem and skill developmental problem.

Keywords: Parental Neglect, Pamper, Children Psychology, Novel
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