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190. Process Of English Word Formation Found In Advertisement Boards In Kendal Regency

God has created the human with their perfectness compared to other creatures. One of human perfectness is the ability to communicate using a tool called language. The science about language is called linguistics. Linguistics has some branches, such as semantics, phonology, and morphology. Morphology is a science about internal structure of words of certain language. There are many languages in this world. One of them is English which has become an international language. As an international language, English is used by many countries as their foreign language, even second language. One of the countries which uses English as the first foreign language is Indonesia. The use of English in Indonesia can be found in advertisement boards. This final project is based on a study which attempts to find English advertisement boards, analyze the types of English word formation process used in the English advertisement boards, and know the types of English word formation process used most often. The data were taken from English advertisement boards found in Kendal regency. The observation was conducted in three locations. They are east region, middle region, and west region of Kendal regency. The qualitative approach and purposive sampling method were applied in this study. Therefore, description and interpretation was used. The result of this study shows that there were 113 advertisement boards containing English words found in the three main locations of Kendal regency. Those data of English advertisement boards were found in Kaliwungu (72 data), Kendal city (21 data), and Weleri (20 data). From 113 data of English advertisements, 202 English words were found and 11 kinds of English word formation process out of 13 types of English word formation were identified. The data of suppletion and internal change could not be found. Derivation process takes 24.7% (50 data); cliticization takes 1.9% (4 data); compounding takes 33.1% (67 data); conversion takes 5.4% (11 data); clipping takes 6.5% (13 data); blending takes 2.4% (5 data); backformation takes 0.5% (1 data); acronym takes 9.5% (19 data); onomatopoeia takes 0.5% (1 data); inflection takes 9.5% (19 data); and coinage takes 6% (12 data). It can be seen that compounding is the English word formation process mostly used in the advertisement boards in Kendal regency. It is suggested that the study with the same topic must be conducted with different objects.

Keywords: advertisement boards, English word formation, Kendal regency, morphology
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