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79. Children’s Dream And Maturity Steps In White Lion’s Song Lyric When The Children Cry


This final project is a study of children dreams and maturity steps. Maturity steps and children dreams are a kind of common matter in life. When someone realizes that s/he is already mature, s/he has ever felt maturity steps and ever had dreams when s/he were child.

The object of this study is the song lyrics of White Lion entitled When the Children Cry. The purpose of the study is to identify and analyze maturity steps and children dreams reflected in the song lyrics of When the Children Cry.

I used a descriptive qualitative research as the method of this final project since the data were in the form of written utterances, phrases, and words, and they were descriptively analyzed. There were several steps in analyzing the lyrics. Firstly, I read the lyrics repeatedly to understand the lyrics and to identify the data. Secondly, I listed the data related to the topic and then classified them. The next step was to report the data in order to clarify and analyze the meaning. To find some theories related to the topic of the final project, I used some information from books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and websites.

There are four categories of dreams, they are: daily processing dreams, problem solving dreams, psychological dreams, and pre-cognitive dreams and also three types of dreams, namely: day dreams, lucid dreams, and prophetic dreams found in the lyrics. The results of the analysis showed that the child, who is the representative of the children, experiences so many ‘bizarre’ things (in the children world context) in her/his childhood adventures which reflect the growth of a child into maturity. All the dilemmas and problems seem to be the reflection of an adult world. The matters give the child understanding of being mature person although the way s/he behaves sometimes creates the child’s new questions of what s/he supposed to do, to be or to behave. But s/he seems have learnt so many things that can be applied to bring her/him self into the world of maturity.

Finally, by studying and analyzing children dreams and maturity steps in When the Children Cry of White Lion’s song lyrics, I suggest that these lyrics should be given as an alternative topic in the literary class since it has several values to be delivered to students and the lyrics are interesting to be read and to be analyzed.
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