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657. Using School Based Management To Improve The School Quality

ABSTRAK At reformation era today, education system of Indonesia has reformed by UU. No. 22 year 1999 about district authority and UU. No.25 year 1999 about considering fund of district and government centralization. It has brought many consequences to district authority included the education area. Here, education faced to education autonomy that demanded the education management by self. It called by School Based Management. School Based Management is a new model of education management, which has given the full autonomy to school for managing the household by participation of intern and extern school. Intern schools are headmaster, teachers, staffs and students. And Extern schools are school committee, parents and communities. By implicating the school based management, it will be making more independence and optimally the components of school. All of school member has demanded to be more creative and innovative in the school management, so the ability of school based management can to create well. The meaning of using school based management in this research is using school based management at Public Junior High School 5 Malang. Referenced to that, this research purposed to find the reasons of using school based management, the using school based management and the problems faced of using school based management at school to improve the school quality. This research has begun at September until October 2006. The research has used qualitative approachment by questioner, interview, document, and observation for collecting the datas. Here, the questioner used just to complete the data. The sources data has obtained by library sources from many literatures interlaced and field sources while school documents, interview result, observation result, and questioner result. Based on these findings and studying, so this research result concluded that: (1) the reasons of using school based management at Public Junior High School 5 Malang are the full autonomy given to school according to UU. No. 22 year 1999 and the efficacy attainment by school which has implicated the school based management, (2) the using school based management by dividing many job description into school component while (a) Curriculum Management, (b) Personals Management, (c) Finance Management, (d) Facilities Management and (e) Management of Public Relation, (3) the problems of using school based management at Public Junior High School 5 Malang are the autonomy mastered by government although from UU.No. 22 year 1999 the authority has given to school and the lack of information socialization to all school member either internal or external of school. As many suggestions wish to school while for the school is to improve and develop the school quality by doing and executing many improvement programs better than now and also to keep the school discipline, school achievement, and to do best.Meanwhile, for the teachers and school personals, the researcher hoped that they can to improve the working mechanism to reach the school purposes and to execute the best teaching learning for students. Because the best teacher is the best students, without qualified teachers it would be impossible that education will be better more and more than now. Moreover, it also recommended for next researchers who are interested in doing further researcher in the same field to use this findings as a starting point in conducting the researcher. By using the same theories, the next researchers are suggested to use different data sources. In this case, they can take many observation result to do better than this research.
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