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39. Implementasi Peraturan Daerah tentang Transparansi dan Partisipasi di Kabupaten Lebak


Key words: implementation, policy content, context of implementation,  participation, coproduction

Lebak  District  enacted  Local  Regulation  Number  6/2004  on  Transparency  and  Participation  in  Governance  and  Development  in Lebak  District.  This  local  regulation is considered to be a regulation on transparency and participation that is  rather comprehensive. This research aimed to examine the implementation of this  local  regulation  as  a  policy,  particularly  on  the  provisions  on  participation,  and  explore the factors explaining the way the implementation was conducted. A case  study was undertaken on the implementation of the participation stipulations in the  drafting of Local Budget 2008 of Lebak District. This  research  was  an  exploratory  research  with  a  descriptive  qualitative  approach aiming to describe the issues examined based on the data collected. Data  collection  methods  used  were  guided  interviews,  desk  study  and  non-structured  observation. The interviews engaged key informants from different stakeholders of  participation and budget drafting issues in Lebak District. Local  Regulation  6/2004  was  enacted  with  the  definition  of  participation  covering  coproduction,  a  concept  where  citizens  work  with  the  government  to  deliver  public  services.  Research  results  show  that  the  implementation  of  participation policy in Lebak District during the local budget drafting for 2008 was  not yet effective. Implementation of the participation policy in general goes very  slowly  –  as  policy  was  not  yet  implemented  as  designed  –  but  there  was  an  indication  that  things  are  moving  forward,  as  there  was  an  accumulation  of  learning and preparation leading to the stages as stipulated by the regulation. The  two dimensions examined to explain the implementation process, i.e. the content of  policy and the policy implementation context, are considered to have contributed  to the way the implementation has been taking place. From the content of policy,  the relatively dominant group that have an interest in participation agenda and see  the benefit of the policy contributed to the fact the implementation is imminent.  However, the scale of change envisaged, the disperse sites of decision making, the  quantity of policy implementers and the amount of resources to be committed did  not  allow  the  implementation  to  take  place  faster.  Similarly,  from  the  implementation context, progressive actors supporting the participation agenda are  dispersed in many different institutions. However, local political situation requires  the stakeholders to be prudent in demanding for faster policy implementation so as  to avoid backlash.



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