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15. Health warning in the cigarette advertisement (on perspective of symbolic interaction theory)


The focus of this thesis is to explain about health warning in cigarette advertisement though the perspective of symbolic interaction theory. This thesis research examined in micro, The Important ethical principles in advertisement could not be lying, among others Human autonomy must be respected. In the last article, we look  at  the  following  four  factors  that  must  be  considered  in applying these principles, if we want to establish a balanced assessment of the advertisement ethic. In this case, the intents advertisers are on advertising content, the state of public fixed and habited in the field of advertising. Seeing the function of advertising itself is seen as an attempt advertising communication; advertising is described as the communication between the manufacturer and the market, seller and potential buyer in the advertising communication process to convey a message. Thus the advertising gets the impression that the advertising includes in providing information, and the most important thing is to introduce a product or service. So researchers are convinced by this approach, and then two cases of exploitation of this will be answered. (1) How is the analysis of health warning in cigarettes advertising perspective of Symbolic Interaction, (2) How is the impact of cigarette ads against the social life of the community.
This  research  was  conducted  with  qualitative  approach which viewed systemically with problems described in the descriptive. In addition to the observation of a few ads on television, in the pack of smoking, billboard. This data will be analyzed through two stages: (1) data collection (2) focus and deepen analysis. The conclusion in this thesis are: (1) One  of the pioneer of the symbolic interaction theory, explained that human interaction, mind, self  process come  from society and social  act.  Mind,  On  the  cigarette and  Health Warning Label (HWL) case, smoker find mind through their interaction with social environment. For them living in the environment or community that many of them are smoker, it is possible if the mind which is created by that interaction process is that cigarette is one of the symbol of friendship, masculine, moreover include in social adhesive in order to the feeling of the their  unity  on  their  community.  Self,  I  as  the  smoker  individual  may because of me in him or herself who sees that the other smoker is cool person in his or her social structure. The symbol of settle, and moreover often if smoking is close to the thinker, same as coffee and book. In islamic boarding  house  world,  the  discussion  there  is  seldom  existed  without smoke. With smoking, discussion will become enjoy and friendly. Me in a person adopt the interpretations from the result of social environment research fulfilled by the smoker, than the new smoker will exist. I smoker is the reflection from social environment or social community. Socity, That society will tend to see HWL only as a formal setting. To support their opinion, some reason will be made, for instance, the warning is not proven, some  smokers  are  still  healthy  even  though they  are  already old,  and several writers who smoke said that HWL is a conspiracy from medical institution to stop the using of tobacco as cigarette.     (2) Beside the effect of quantitative data from Health Warning Label (HWL) toward decreasing amount of smoker as the writer mentioning above, and also many social impacts appear. Under ethics studies, it is usually distinguished between descriptive ethics and normative ethics. Descriptive ethics give a  description  of  moral  sense symptom,  from the  norm and ethical concepts. While normative ethics is not talking again about symptoms, but about what should human do? A label warning in cigarettes is part of normative ethics that reflects concern for the importance of public health.

Keyword : cigarette , advertising, ethic, symbolic interaction
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