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8. Franz Magnis Suseno’s thoughts on religious pluralism


After more religions conflict in Indonesia, the author thinks need to raise this topic to be a research. Actually, conflict of inter-religion must be clear if all of Indonesian people understand about Pancasila, especially in first principle, and pluralism, because first principle is law basic of religions and believes in Indonesia.   But, it is become problem until now because Pancasila is not understood by people.
Indonesia is the most plural country in the word. It is right. From Sabang to Merauke there are many ethnic, races, and many religions. Because of this, every citizen needs a plural ability to make a peaceful country. So, the pluralism is most important in this country, and must be „weapon‟ of Indonesia to make plural state. There are latent problem that need to solve. We didn‟t want to see this country to be broke because of intern conflict, whereas because of unity this countri become independent. Franz Magnis- Suseno as a scholar, who “new comer” of Indonesian citizen, in his articles have many contributions about democracy, relationship inter-religion, puralism and other. Whereas we know that Franz Magnis-Suseno not the origin of indonesian people.  According to author, this problem must be researched. Moreover in Franz Magnis-Suseno‟s thought that he was not the origin of Indonesian people. But, his nationalism was   more than them. In Franz Magnis-Suseno‟s thought the relationship between “Belief in One God” and pluralism and the consequence of both in ethics is importance to find.
This is library research, in consern to Franz Magnnis-Suseno‟s thought in many his works as premier source. As seconder source to completing data, the author will take any source in books, journals and other which related with this topic. The data will be analysis with critic-philosophic. The analytical method will used is “hermeneutic” Martin Heidegger that the central description is “existential-ontology”.
With this analyze, will found that ontology of  Ketuhanan (belief/divinity) in Franz Magnis-Suseno thought his pluralism is related with Belief in One God (Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa) that was created by founding father of Indonesia. Than the consequence it, the ethics of nationalism, pluralism, and religious must be built in soul of citizens.
Talking  about  God,  divinity,  and  plurality  is  close  with  freedom.  In  Franz Magnis-Suseno‟s thought that Belief in God is an evidence of freedom in everyone. God is not leaving freedom, exactly with existing God, human being found the freedom of him. To the axiology, everyone in this country must appreciate other to belief in his religions. if it not realized, religious conflict in this country will grow up more and more, even with little  provocation it will happened. Whereas founding fathers of this country create the first principle to be basic of religion, event not that only, first principle is foundation of four principles after it. If this uncovered, Pancasila unuseful again. So Religious Pluralism is very needed in this Country. 

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