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26. Mispronunciation Of English Final Alveolar-Alveolar And Velar-Alveolar Consonant Clusters By The Students Of SMA Santa Maria

The role of English as one of the universal languages makes people tend to learn this language. For some Indonesian people, English has been their second language besides Indonesian, their first language. English also has been one of the subjects that is taught in the formal school. The Indonesian students are taught about English since elementary school or even kindergarten until high school. However, the mastery of English, especially for the pronunciation, is often influenced by the first language. One of the examples is the pronunciation of English consonant clusters. English consonant clusters become one of the hardest parts to perform since Indonesian people are not really familiar with various consonant clusters in Indonesian.
There are two problems to lead the discussion in this research. The first is to find out the mispronunciation of final alveolar-alveolar and velar-alveolar consonant clusters that often made by Indonesian native speaker. The second is to analyze the reason behind the mispronunciations.
This research uses audio-records as the instrument to collect the data from the participants. The object of the study is the fifteen students of SMA Santa Maria Yogyakarta that admitted using Indonesian as their first language. The reading material is from the English module Fokus Bahasa Inggris Kelas X of the participants and presented in sentences.
Based on the data analysis, there are 295 mispronunciations of final alveolar-alveolar and velar-alveolar consonant clusters from 405 pronunciations (15 participants x 27 English words). From the analysis, there are two errors that contribute to the mispronunciations. The first is the interlingual or interference error. This error contributes to the 291 mispronunciations of final alveolar-alveolar and velar-alveolar consonant clusters. The participants had tendencies to omit the last consonant in the consonant clusters. For example, all participants omit the [d] in the pronunciation of English word kind [kΛInd]. The participants also often changed the voiced consonant into voiceless since Indonesian word does not have voiced consonant in the final position of a word. Besides, there is also addition of schwa [ə] whenever there is a letter [e] between two consonants in the final position. Lastly, the participants swapped the consonants to ease the pronunciation as in Indonesian. The second is the intralingual error that contributes to the four mispronunciations. The example of the error is the mispronunciation of the consonant cluster influenced by the linkage.
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